VERTEX ProClinch Clips (#90H18S)

VERTEX ProClinch Clips (#90H18S)

VERTEX ProClinch 4.5 Clipping Tool

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Easy to use VERTEX ProClinch 4.5 Clipping Tool in NSW
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Description The ProClinch 4.5 strip-fed clipping tool is the tool of choice in the industry for tight clinching of wire products. Its lightweight construction is 35% lighter than competitive models and has 40% fewer parts. The innovative design features less handle-to-trigger area, making it easier to use.

Made in the USA

Applications: Bedding, Box Spring Assembly, Border Wire connecting, Clip On Edge Supports. Fencing, Animal Cages, Lobster Pots, Supermarket Trolleys and any other Wire jointed products

  • Lightweight – 35% lighter than competitive models, meaning higher productivity with less operator fatigue.
  • 40% fewer components – fewer problems, less maintenance, and increased productivity.
  • Easier to handle – the ergonomic design reduces the overall handle-to-trigger dimension by 13%, which makes the tool feel more comfortable to operators with large or small hands.
  • Innovative design – includes the use of composite materials and investment castings to ensure light weight, high quality, low maintenance, and increased durability.
Patented polycord collation benefts:
  • Unlimited shelf life compared to tape-collated clips.
  • Ship and handle without breaking.
  • Easy to load.
  • No residue as with tape-collated clips that can gum up tools, causing increased tool maintenance.
  • Welded clips can cause user injuries and can increase tool maintenance.
  • Patented “cord lock” collation eliminates jams associated with cords not shearing from clips.


  • Magazine Capacity: 37 to 47 Clips
  • Height: 225mm
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Length: 362mm
  • Width: 70mm