1. Traditional or Modern Re-Upholstery - The Pros & Cons

    This decision is often a case of personal preference and is very much dependent on the piece of furniture being reupholstered.  

    Below we look at the pros and cons of both traditional and modern methods of re-upholstery.

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  2. How To Make An Upholstered Bedhead

    A striking upholstered bedhead can provide a sophisticated focal point of a bedroom; giving a room a sense of luxury and turning a blank wall into a feature wall without a drop of paint in sight. Unfortunately, that ‘designer look’ can come at a pretty steep price, with upholstered and decorative buttoned bedheads selling in stores from $900 up to $3000 and higher! However, what might surprise you, is that achieving this high-end look is actually very simple and cost effective when you have the right products, some helpful advice and a little bit of DIY spirit.

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  3. How To Re-Upholster Dining Chairs

    Are your dining chairs looking a bit tired or stained? Reupholstering your dining chairs allows you to refresh your entire dining setting at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

    This project requires limited materials and is achievable with little to no upholstery experience. 

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  4. How To Replace Car Headlining/Roofliner

    Headlining is the material that lines the inside of your car roof. Over time, due to age and exposure to moisture or extreme heat, this fabric can start to peel or sag. In addition to being an eyesore and affecting the resale value of your vehicle, it can also present a significant safety hazard.

    Having your car headlining replaced by a professional can cost anywhere from $250.00 to $400.00.

    However with the right products and some straightforward advice, you can complete this simple project yourself for approximately $90.00 saving yourself a substantial amount of money.

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