HOW TO: MAKE AN UPHOLSTERED STORAGE OTTOMAN – Functional & Fashionable Furniture in a Few Easy Steps!

Upholstered Storage Ottoman

Upholstered Storage Ottoman

Making a DIY upholstered storage ottoman is a quick and easy project, resulting in a chic and practical living room piece. Depending on how expensive your taste in fabric is, this project is extremely affordable and requires relatively simple tools and techniques to create a high-quality finish.

An ottoman can be a great way to accessorize your lounge or living room and can be executed in variety of ways, to suit a range of tastes. Perhaps you want to create an ottoman that ties in with your existing living room palette, to make seating more comfortable and provide additional storage space.  Alternatively you may wish to create an ottoman that acts as a statement addition to the room, using a bold print or colour and designer buttoning or leg designs to contrast with your existing furniture and provide a focal point within the room.

Time: Half a day

Cost: $50 – $100 (Depending on fabric choice)


What you need:


box assembly 1STEP 1: ASSEMBLE THE BOX

Use MDF glue and screws to secure the sides of the box to one another as shown. Then install the bottom. Pre-drill holes to prevent splitting. Install the four leg brackets, then screw the legs in place.



box assembly 2box assembly 3








attach bonded poly fibreSTEP 2: ATTACH THE BONDED FIBRE (DACRON)

Cut the bonded fibre to size, and then position it along the sides of the box, letting fibre extend 50mm over the top and below the bottom. Hold the fibre square and flat while using staples to secure it to the edges, inside and at the bottom of the box.





Cut a 432mm wide strip of fabric long enough to wrap around the entire box. Sew the ends together. Slip this over the box and staple the overhanging material on the inside and bottom to hold everything in place.




build the topStep 4: Build the toP

Drill a 5mm hole for each button according to the diagram. Layer the fabric, fibre and foam, then spray the MDF lid with contact adhesive and set it in place. Fold the material over the edges of the lid and staple it in place.





button tuftingStep 5: Install the Buttons

Use a long straight upholstery needle to thread the fabric-covered buttons onto 30cm lengths of button twine. Thread the twine up through the holes in the MDF, through the layered materials, through the button loops, then back down through the holes.





button tieingStep 6: Secure the Buttons

Pull the twine tightly from the underside of the lid so the buttons make deep indentations in the foam. Knot the twine over short pieces of fabric to prevent the knots from slipping through the holes.




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