How To Safely Transport Your Upholstered Furniture

At the end of a tiring day of moving house, the last thing you want to discover is that your upholstered furniture has been damaged. It happens far too
often, and the frustrating thing is that it can so easily be avoided.

Here are our top three tips for avoiding damage to your upholstered furniture when relocating; follow them for a happy moving day!

1. Disassemble bigger items when you can –
This won’t work for all furniture, but some bed frames, couches, and bigger upholstered furniture is able to be disassembled. If it is possible, it is
strongly recommended to do so before you attempt to transport the item. This will prevent damage from occurring to the joints and screws of the furniture
(which can be less sturdy on furniture that is able to be disassembled) and also make the item easier to transport, limiting the risk of knocking walls and
door frames or dropping it.

2. Measure spaces before you attempt to relocate –
On that same note, if you fail to properly measure the door frames of your old and new property, you run the risk of making your furniture get a little too
friendly with your walls. It happens time and time again; people attempting to move on their own forget to do their due diligence and end up jammed in a
doorway slowly damaging their upholstered couch.

3. Choose reliable storage –
For those who are keeping their furniture in storage in between relocations, it’s important to choose somewhere reliable. Although everyone wants to find
the cheapest option, it can be worth not completely going the basement bargain route if you want to keep your possessions safe. Go for somewhere with
reliable security, and generally doesn’t look like it’s going to cave in any time soon.

If something does get damaged during your relocation, you can always replace your upholstery with the expert help of Home Upholsterer.

Love these tips? You’ll find even more in this online moving house checklist.

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