FABRIC TRENDS FOR 2012: Ethnic Inspired – Eclectic Spirit

Warwick Fabrics Anthropology Collection

Warwick Fabrics Anthropology Collection

This eclectic trend sees a combination of ethnic inspired prints, in natural fibers, featuring muted earthy hues like clay, stone and ochre. These features combine to create an intriguing, spontaneous style, rich with culture and reminiscent of the souvenir-laden home of a world traveler.

Fabrics influenced by this trend feature prints inspired by the textural patterns of kilims in Central Asia and the eclectic objects of the Middle East. Use this nostalgic and inspirational style to give a room maturity and warmth, allowing you to weave a rich and unique back-story into the space.

Design Ideas:

This style lends itself perfectly to other natural and woven materials including wooden, cane and wicker furniture as well as accessories in woven or natural textures to heighten the eclectic character of this style.

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